The Billionaire's Design (Part 2): Uncertain Submission - Mara Stone

The Billionaire's Design (Part 2): Uncertain Submission

By Mara Stone

  • Release Date: 2014-07-28
  • Genre: Erotisk romantik
  • Size: 146.29 KB

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Cassie and Cole are perfect together. He pushes her boundaries to new heights and delights in the pleasure she receives with each new experience.

But Cassie's professional life is suffering. With Mark breathing fire down her neck over every aspect of the project, as well as questioning the true nature of her relationship with Cole, she's feeling the pressure of trying to keep her private life just that - private.

Cassie thinks she is ready for anything. But when Cole takes her to a private party she realises that there are things that she may never wish to give up - even to Cole.


"I am needed elsewhere," Ivy said. "Please enjoy yourselves tonight…you’re more than welcome to come watch Duncan and I."
They were playing in a private garden with a few of their closest friends in attendance. Cassie stopped dead in her tracks when she saw a familiar face.
"Well, well, well. It’s Cassie and Mr. Pierce."
"Mark." Cole scowled.
Mark was obviously drunk and his eyes were alight with that look only newbies had. It was a look that said he wasn’t quite sure what was going on or how he managed to be fortunate enough to find himself here.
"Cole, I see you’ve met my latest!"
"Sylvia." Cole nodded. "My girlfriend Cassie."
"You two know each other?" Sylvia beamed, clutching Mark’s elbow.
"We work together sweetheart," Mark said with a sneer.
"We were just heading to a private party. Excuse us," Cole murmured, tugging a stunned Cassie along behind him.
"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!" She groaned. "What do I do?"
"Baby, calm down."
"Calm down?! That was my boss!"...

Part Two of The Billionaire's Design.